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Crystalline Complete White Code 116

سنگ چینی ازنا کد 116
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Code 116
Crystalline Complete White
Average Size : 265*188
Number of Slabs ; 65
Overall Area : 324
Book Match – Four Match

 Crystalline Complete White Stone

One of the Best and known Stones in our Country is Crystalline Complete white which may be Known as Crystalline Cloud Pure White or Crystalline Cloud Pure White which is Currently Extracting from a Quarry Near AZNA City in LORESTAN Province.

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

Marble Complete White with Background White with Striking and Veins in yellow, Black and Gray Which Gives the Stone a Really Nice and Beautiful Design Which Made the Stone Famous and Popular in both Interior and International Market.

This Stone was First founded by a Man Named ARBAB GHANBAR and that’s Why that in Iran we Know this Stone as Crystalline ARBAB.

Crystalline Complete White would Be Cut in Slabs and Tiles after Transporting to the Factory or it could be Directly Exported to Other Countries.

  Crystalline Complete White Stone Character


Each Stone in the World has its Own Specifications and based on them you could Recognize them even from the Same Family and it is the same for Crystalline Complete White Which We Refer to Some of Them Below:

  • Having a Crystalline and Shining Surface
  • Very low Water Absorption
  • High Compression
  • Acceptable Frictional Resistance
  • Low Porosity
  • High pressure Resistance
  • Well-Polished
  • Available in Book Match and Four Match

Where To Use Crystalline Complete White Stone

You can Use Complete White in Both Interior and Exterior View of your Buildings because of its Appearing and its Character.

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

  • Because of Complete White Availability in Book Match and Four Match Architectures Usually use it Four Interior Walls.
  • Complete White is Really a Perfect Choice for Flooring Both Residential and Commercial Projects such as Hotel Lobbies.
  • Complete White has a very low Water Absorption which is a Perfect Choice for Bathrooms.
  • You Can Use it for your Kitchen or stairway and Round Stairs.

Crystalline Complete White Stone Price

There a lot Factors That Complete White’s Price Depends on it Such as the Quality of the Material Used in the Manufacturing Process, Size and The Shape of the Stone and the Transporting Cost.

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

Crystalline Complete White Code 116

Crysatlline Complete White Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWater AbsorptionWeightPressure ResistanceFrictional Resistance
Crystalline Complete White0.200.102.749103

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