Crystalline Aligoodarz Persian Bianco Code T48

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو کد T48
Short Explanation About The Product

Code T48
Crystalline Aligoodarz
Persian Bianco T48
Average size : 280*190
Number of Slabs : 29
Overall area : 159m2
book match – four match

Crystalline Aligoodarz

Crystalline Aligoodarz is one our favorite and most famous stones around the world which is in the same group as marble stones and the only difference it has with the marble stone is that its crystals are more obvious than the marble stones.

There are a lots of Crystalline Persian Bianco quarries in our whole country that thousands of stones are yearly being extracted from them and will be manufactured with the top quality equipment in our companies after transporting to the company.

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو کد T48

Crystalline Aligoodarz Persian Bianco Code T48

Crystalline Persian Bianco stone

Without doubt you could say that Persian Bianco is one of top quality crystalline stones in the internal market and it’s also one of the best stones that could be exported to other countries.

Crystalline Persian Bianco with a white background and gray and black disordered striking’s and veins. Our stone is currently being transported from a quarry in LORESTAN Province and comes to our factory for manufacturing.

Persian Bianco has a very low water absorption and also it has a high resistance against pressure comparing to other crystalline stones. an acceptable frictional resistance and its high compression and its well-polished surface makes it to be known as its shining surface that reflects the light clearly.

Where to use Crystalline Persian Bianco

Considering the referred points above, Crystalline Persian Bianco can be used for both internal external view of the building for cabinets and bathrooms stones.

in-fact being so well polished and shining surface makes it to look as fantastic as it can be in luxurious projects and also can be used for flooring luxurious rooms, halls, hotel lobbies and commercial projects.

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو کد T48

Crystalline Aligoodarz Persian Bianco Code T48

Crystalline Persian Bianco Price

Persian Bianco price is affected by many measures such sort of stone, the quality of the manufacturing process, stone size, the beauty of the designs appearing on the surface of the stone and the transportation cost

Crystalline Aligoodarz Persian Bianco Code T48

desirable amountprositywater absorptionspecial weightpressure resistancefrictional resistance
Crystalline Aligoodarz0.200.102.749103

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