Crystalline Cloud Pure White Code 128

سنگ چینی ازنا کد 128
Shoert Expalnation About The Product

Code 128
Crystalline Pure White Cloud
Size : 1.8*1.6*6 1.85*1.65
Number of Slabs : 43
Overall Area : 148m2
Book Match – Four Match


Without Doubt Crystalline White Cloud is one of the Most Known Stones in Iran which was Founded by a man Named ARBAB GHANBAR RAHIMI from Natural Decorative Stone Quarries near AZNA City in LORESTAN Province.

Crystalline Cloud Pure White Code 128

Crystalline Cloud Pure White Code 128

Crystalline Cloud Pure White

From Crystalline White Cloud Specifications, you Could Refer to a White Background with Disordered Yellow, Black and Gray Striking and Veins.

the Block of the Crystalline Cloud White would be Cut in to Slabs after Transporting to The Company in Sizes Such as Slabs and Tiles in Different Ways of Manufacturing and after That it would be sent to the Interior market or to Countries that Requested this Stone

Crystalline Cloud Pure White Code 128

Crystalline Cloud White Code 128

Where to Use Crystalline Cloud Pure White

Because of how this Stone Looks, it Cloud Be Used for Both Interior and Exterior View of Your Buildings.

  • You Can Use This Stone for Decorating the Exterior View of your Building
  • You can Use for Flooring Parking lots
  • It’s Very good and Luxurious for Flooring both Residential and Commercial Projects such as Apartments and City Centers
  • Because of its Low Water Absorption, it’s Very good to Use in Bathrooms and Places that Are in touch in with Air Humidity
  • Its Available in Both Book Match and Four Match and Because of That its Very Good Decorate your Walls.
  • It’s Also Very Good for Stairways and Round Stairs
Crystalline Cloud Pure White Code 128

Crystalline Cloud White Code 128

Crystalline Cloud White Price

There Are lots of Factors that Affects the Price of Crystalline Cloud White such as The quality of the Manufacturing Process and the Quality of the Materials used in the Manufacturing Process, the Shape and the Size of the Slabs, the Transporting Cost and Quality of Polish.

Crystalline Cloud Pure White Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWater AbsorptionSpecial WeightPressure ResistanceFrictional Resistance
Pure White0.200.102.749103

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