Crystalline Persian Carrara Code 108

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو
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Code 108
Persian Carrara
Aligoodarz Quarry
Size :  215*146
Number of Slabs :  45
Overall Area : 142m2
Book Match – Four Match

Persian White Carrera

Crystalline stone is one natural stones that is currently being used in constructing and it was able to maintain its place as high quality stone among other natural stones. you can also find this stone in old buildings and new buildings.

There are a lots of quarries of this stone in our country and they have different quality because of the weather that the stone is made in and that’s different that makes the quality high or low which is why each quality has its own place for the building. Crystalline Persian Carrera is one of our country’s best-selling stones and its being extracted from NEIRIZ area in Fars Province.

It would be manufactured in different sorts and grades after it transporting to the factory.

This stone has a purely white background with black disordered striking’s and veins that would definitely make the stones quality higher. Persian Carrera which is very similar to pure white cloud and ALIGOODARZ stone is currently being used as luxurious decorative stone n interior and exterior views of buildings because of its beauty and its look.

Very good polish, low porosity, high compression, high resistance against pressure and friction, resistance to weather changes and the factor that could be shaped in both book match and four match are Persian Carrera background white’s simple properties which make this stone very good for most places that you might have in mind for placing stone there.

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو

In-fact Persian Carrera white background will be mostly cut in slabs in after transporting to the company and then it will be send to the market.

You can use this stone for flooring places with high traffic such as hotel lobbies, stores, residential and commercial projects, you also could use it as counter and cabinets, for luxurious bathrooms, interior walls of the buildings and stairway and round stairway.

سنگ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو

Persian Carrera White Back White is at different prices in the market and this is because of factors and reasons such as sort of stone and the cutting way, transportation cost and the amount of white color and black veins that is very important when pricing the stone.

سنگ فورمچ چینی الیگودرز طرح پرشین بیانکو

سنگ فورمچ چینی الیگودرز

Persian Carrara Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWater Absorption WeightPressure ResistanceFrictional Resistance
Persian Carrara Bianco

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