Marble Black President

سنگ مرمریت پرزیدنت

Marble Black Wave

Marble Black Wave is one of our Countries Most Beautiful Stones that our Team Currently is Manufacturing One its High Quality Types.

This Stone Comes in two Different Types of Tidy and tide less.

Marble Black Wave has a black Background with Wide Yellow and White Striking and Veins.

Considering the perfect Beauty of it, this Stone Has Managed to get a Very High rank in the Crystalline Stones of the World.

If Marble Black Wave Manufacturing would in Book Match and Four Match, it Would Look Like a Great Stunning act of art.

It has High Frictional Resistance and it Shows a Pretty Good Resist against Humidity and Heat.

Because of its low Porosity It has a Very Low Water Absorption and because of its Low Water Absorption you can use it in Bathrooms and places touch with Water and Humidity.

Generally, you can Use Black Wave for Flooring interior and Exterior View of your Building, The Book Match and Four Match Design Considers to be a Good Choice for Decorating the Walls of your Project, because of its Heat Resistance you can Use it in Your Kitchen and places with High Heat, its also very Good for Large Salons such as Hotel Lobbies.

Proper AmountPorosityWeightFrictional ResistnacePressure ResistanceWater Absorption
Black Wave1.1116753.52.680.38

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