Marble Cloud White Code 112

سنگ چینی ازنا کد 112
Short Expalnation About the Product

Marble Cloud Pure White Code 112
Average Size : 1.8*2.85
Number of Slabs : 51
Overall Area : 261m2
Book Match – Four Match

Marble Cloud Pure White

Marble Cloud White is one the best High Quality Ingredients Stones in Iran and it’s a really famous Stone in International Market which its Current Mine is Near AZNA City in LORESTAN Province and it will be cut in Tiles and Slabs after getting Transported to Companies.

Marble Cloud White is also known as ARBAB Stone which was Discovered by a Man known as the same Name which is known to be the Iran’s Stone Father.

اسلب سنگ چینی ازنا کد 112

Marble Cloud White Code 112

Cloud White has a White Background with disordered Yellow, Gray and black Striking and Veins. It true that Marble Cloud Pure White has a low Variety of Colors but the Fact that this Stone is Unbelievably beautiful is the Reason that not also the Interior Architectures and Designers Choose this Stone over others but it’s also the Reason that its very Popular among International Designers.

Cloud Pure White is Usually Extracted in Blocks and would be Transported for cut to the Factories.

Most Usual Factors of Marble Cloud Pure White

  • High Compression
  • Because of its High compression it has a low Porosity
  • The Stone has Crystal Surface and well-polish
  • High Frictional Resistance and high Pressure Resistance
  • We can Refer to its very low Water Absorption
  • Available in Both Book Match and Four Match
سنگ کریستال ازنا

Marble Cloud  White Code 112

Where to Use Marble Cloud Pure White

You Can’t Use any Stone Everywhere You Want because Each one of Them has their own Specifications and that’s why they’re each have their own Right Place.

سنگ چینی ازنا کد 112

Marble Cloud White Code 112

We can Refer to Some of Cloud Pure White Places Such as:

  • You Can Use This Stone for Flooring Places like Hotel Lobbies, Dining Rooms and Flooring Commercial Places.
  • Because of its low Water Absorption its Perfect for Bathrooms.
  • Because of its Spectacular Designs this Stone is a very Good Choice for Interior View
  • You can Use This Stone in your Kitchen for cabinets
  • It’s a very good for round Stairs and Stairways
  • And because of its Weather Resistance its very good for Exterior View

 Marble Cloud Pure White Price

Cloud Pure White Price Depends on Many Factors Such as the Quality of the Manufacturing Process, Size, Shape, thickness and Sort of Stone.

سنگ اسلب چینی ازنا کد 112

Marble Cloud White Code 112

سنگ فورمچ چینی ازنا کد 112

سنگ فورمچ چینی ازنا کد 112

Marble Cloud Pure White Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWater AbsorptionWeghtPressure ResistanceFrictional Resistance
Cloud Pure White0.200.102.749103

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