Marble Libera

سنگ مرمریت کاشمر

Marble White Libera

Marble White Libera is one of the Stone that ARBAB Team Manufactures and Considering its Clear, architectures and Designers Use this stone Quite a lot.

Marble Libera has Many Different Sizes and Comes in two Different Designs that has Both Pale and Bold Striking.

There are Some Stones Similar to Marble Libera Known as new Marble Libera.

 Arbab Team Manufactures this Stone with High Quality and Perfect Surface.

Marble Libera Also has High Frictional Resistance and Low Water Absorption.

Arbab Teams Uses the Best Epoxy Available to Make this Stone as shining as Possible Named Tenax Epoxy from Italy.

Marble Libera is 85 Kilo Meters Away from Kashmar City in RAZAVI KHOROSAN.

This Stone is Usually an Interior View Stone Also It Could Be Used for Walls.

You can use Marble Libera for Flooring Residential and Commercial Projects.

Marble Libera Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWeightFrictional ResistancePressure ResistanceWater Absorption
Marble Libera

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