Marble Persian Silk code 93

سنگ مرمریت پرشین سیلک کد 93
short explanation about the product

Marble Persian Silk code 93
average size : 185*280
number of slabs : 61
Overall area : 307.5
book match – four match

Marble Persian Silk

Marble Persian silk which also known as Marble EMPERADOR is one of useful stones in constructing and buildings which designers and architectures use in their projects especially modern and luxurious projects.

This is a marble stone that is being extracted from a quarry near NEIRIZ city in FARS Province.

It background comes in colors like silver and gray with disordered white lines and veins which is completely in sight on the stone.

After Persian silk is cut to different sizes such as slab and tile it would be on its way to the market as its best quality as possible.

Silk EMPERADOR is an exportable stone that normally would be sent to countries around Persian Gulf.

سنگ مرمریت پرشین سیلک کد 93

Marble Persian Silk code 93

Persian silk character

Each one of marble stones in the world have their own unique and special factors that male them different from other stones.

Marble Persian Silk has its own specifications such as

-low porosity

-low water absorption

-very acceptable resistance against pressure and friction

-a large variety of colors and design

-very good polish

طرح سنگ مرمریت پرشین سیلک کد 93

Marble Persian Silk code 93

Persian silk use in constructing:

Persian silk’s unique beauty makes it a very perfect choice for places in the building that you could not think of.


Where to use Persian silk:

-you can use Persian Silk Stone for flooring residential projects, hotel lobbies, entry of luxurious projects and large shops salons.

-Silk EPERADOR is one Perfect choices you could make for large Bathrooms.

-you can also use this stone for decorating your kitchen.

-as you know most of designers also use Persian Silk for interior walls.

-Persian Silk is also used for decorating walls of an elevator

سنگ مرمریت پرشین سیلک کد 93

Marble Persian Silk code 93

Persian Silk Price

Although Persian Silk has a better Price than other Crystalline stones but he final price of this stone is depended on factors such as stones grade, the quality of cut and the quality of the materials used on the stone.

Marble Persian silk analyzation

desirable amountporositywater absorption special weightpressure resistancefrictional resistance
Persian Silk0.840.702.648902.9

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