Marble Persian Sky

سنگ مرمریت پرشین اسکای
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Marble Persian Sky

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Marble Persian sky

Marble is one the most beautiful, luxurious and useful stones in constructing, designing and internal decorating of buildings. Marble is a metamorphosis stone that usually comes in pure white and is covered by disordered lines that makes it a very beautiful and unique stone.

Gray is another one of this stone’s color but considering that there are multiple kind of mines in Iran and other countries and considering that mines have their own unique mineral and chemical differences, their stone’s would come in deferent types with their unique color and hardness. The have different designs and qualities.

Persian sky stone is one of the most beautiful stones that is being extracted from Joshaghon’s quarry in Isfahan province and transfer’s from its mine to factories for cutting.

سنگ مرمریت پرشین اسکای

Persian Sky Character

This stone is gray and its disordered lines and designs are pure white that are completely identifiable on the stone. But on the market itself Persian sky stone comes in united gray color that has no white lines and its pure gray that doesn’t make it very interesting.

سنگ مرمریت پرشین اسکای

Marble Persian Sky

Persian Sky Specifications

Persian sky is very similar to Marble Persian silk from appearance and structure and these two stones are in heavy competition in international market but the Persian sky has a very stronger structure that makes it more secure for transporting to different countries and even different continents

مرمریت پرشین اسکای

Persian Sky Price

In ARBAB stone factory Persian sky comes in high quality and big sizes that we send to the market or directly sell to the customer.

You can order this stone that has a very polished surface by contacting our selling experts. Also you can use our expert’s advice for having a better purchase. Persian sky stone is being used in buildings floors such as hotels, merchant centrals, public centrals and modern buildings. this stone can also be used in internal buildings walls.

Persian Sky has different prices on the market that depends on its quality, sizes and how its produced

مرمریت پرشین اسکای

Marble Persian Sky

Placing Order

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