Orange Onyx Code T61

سنگ مرمر پرتقالی کد T61
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Orange Onyx Code T61
Average Size :
Overall Area : 165m2
Book Match


Onyx is one of the Rarest Stones in the Whole World and Actually Its Made from Limestone which has changed under a lot of pressure and Heat.

Orange Onyx

Orange Onyx is a Decorative Stone that is Currently Being one of the Most Luxurious Stones in the World and is Being Extracted from KHORASAN Province and Would Be Sent to the Market for the Customers or to Foreign Countries.

Orange Onyx Code T61

Onyx Code T61

Onyx Character

  • None Porosity
  • Low Water Absorption
  • High Compression
  • High Pressure Resistance
  • High Frictional Resistance
  • Available in Both Book Match and Four Match
  • Very Clear and Light Passing Ability
  • Well-Polished
  • None Cloud Absorption
  • High Variety of Colors and Designs

Where to Use Onyx

  • You Could use this stone for Flooring Hotel Lobbies and Commercial Projects
  • Usable for Decorating Dinner Table and Face Washing Table
  • Designers and Architectures use it for Mosques and Monuments
  • Because of its Appearing You Could use it behind your TV
Orange Onyx Code T61

Onyx Code T61

Orange Onyx Price

There are a Lot of Factors that Onyx Price Depends on it Such as the Manufacturing Process, Size, Shape, Stone’s Sort, Quality of Cut and Transporting Cost.

Orange Onyx Analyzation

Proper AmountPorosityWater AbsorptionWeightPressure ResistanceFrictional Resistance
Orange Onyx

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