Winter Sweet Marble code 130

سنگ کریستال لایبید کد 130
short explanation about the product

crystalline winter sweet marble code 130
average size: 276*190
number of slabs: 58
available: 304m2
book match-four match

Crystalline Winter Sweet Code 130

Crystalline Winter Sweet Code 130

Crystalline Winter Sweet

is one our countries best stones that is currently being extracted from a quarry near ESFAHAN and it Can be used in exterior and interior views after polish and producing.

Variety of colors, therefor it makes it very easy choice to choose and it comes in colors such as fade blue, blue, gray and white with white striking and veins, good looking, beautiful and spectacular designs in stone markets.

This stone could be polished, rough and sandblasted and also can be made in book match and four match.

Winter Sweet Marble can be cut in slabs and other sizes such as tile is available at the market.

Crystalline Winter Sweet Code 130

Crystalline Winter Sweet Code 130

Crystalline Winter Sweet Character:

  • Low porosity
  • highly condense
  • can be made in book match and four match
  • very good polish
  • high resistance against pressure
  • low water absorption

Because of how this stone is made it is a very good choice for interior and exterior designs.

Also because of how this stone looks, it would be a very good choice for flooring residential projects such as hotels, malls and big trading centers.

A rough type of this stone is using for flooring parking lots and yards.

You can also use this stone for your walls in book match and four other uses of this stone we could mention its use in bathrooms.

Its nit bad for you to know that this stone could be used for counter and cabinets.

Crystalline Winter Sweet Code 130

Winter Sweet Marble code 130

Winter Sweet Price:

You can find this stone at many prices in the market as it’s a very common and usual mater because of different methods that each quarry uses to manufacture its products.

And also there are factors such as sort of stone, size, transportation cost and the quality of materials that is used in the manufacturing process which gives you the final price of this stone in the market and even in the quarries.

At the end…

You can also use our technicians help for more info about the product you are purchasing so you have the best available option at your service.

four match crystalline marble 130

فورمچ سنگ چینی لایبید کد 130

Winter Sweet Marble Analyze

desirable measureporositywater absobtionweightpressure resistancefrictional resistance
crystalline marble0.170.182.7412003

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